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Lab Products, Laboratory Products, Ava Lab Products

Architecture and Design

Whether you’re renovating an existing laboratory or starting from the ground up, we want to help you at every stage of your project.

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A host of criteria, including safety, comfort and energy efficiency, must be considered when a laboratory is
planned or renovated in order to determine the optimal design

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Project Management

Laboratories are normally designed as once-through systems, without re-circulation. Conditioning, supplying and exhausting the large volumes of air used in laboratories consumes sizeable quantities of energy.

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Laboratory Product Solutions

Lab Products, Laboratory Products, Ava Lab Products


RENGGLI, founded in 1927, is an established Swiss family enterprise with international orientation in the realm of complete laboratory solutions. As one of the leading European producers and market leader in Switzerland and Austria, Renggli designs and implements state-of-the-art laboratories for research, industry, medicine and education. 230 dedicated employees, branch offices in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, as well as a worldwide presence and innumerable reference installations are evidence that Renggli is a reliable partner covering the entire range of laboratory technology. Lab Products, Laboratory Products, Ava Lab Products


SALVISLAB laboratory systems are among the very best worldwide. We design them for enterprises and institutions with highest requirements in terms of flexibility, quality and precision. In addition to a wide variety of standardized systems, we also design and produce complex customized systems to meet your individual needs. Lab Products, Laboratory Products, Ava Lab Products

filtraFILTRA VIBRACION, S.L. has been proud to celebrate its 25 years in the market developing and manufacturing laboratory and industrial process equipment for the sieving of solids and liquids and for the mixing and milling of solids. Another production line is the industrial filters made-to-measure according to customer specifications. FILTRA offers high quality products at very competitive prices. All products strictly comply with national and international manufacturing standards, subjected to rigorous quality control and being delivered with an EC Declaration of compliance. The FILTRA quality management system for sieve manufacture is certified by TÜV NORD.


QUIMIPOL is one of the leading brands for their polypropylene scrubbers